Viper Pilot on Vacation


Viper Pilot on Vacation thumbnail

Recently I wrote a news article for my BSG fan site talking about the long wait during the off-season and we always add some sort of eye candy to each article. This time, as I was searching for an appropriate image (and couldnt find one) I decided to create my own. So I took a lovely background of a yatch with a helipad in the Aegean Sea, and composited a CG Viper Mark I model onto it. This was my first attempt at compositing, and I am happy with the results, it was fun making the composite, and it’s a fun little picture. But I’ll let you judge for yourselves.

Viper Pilot on Vacation - Image by Adalla, Viper mesh by peabuddy, background found on google image search

Click on the above image to see full size.

And if indeed you are looking for a place to hang out with fellow BSG fans and take part in activities, gaming, discussions and projects, visit BSG Pilots.

I’m still working on “A Great Saddness” my first major CG project. To see how that’s coming please visit the Work in Progress thread from the blogroll links at the top right of the page. I have posted a few test render images there. Things are not going as smoothly as I hoped, lots of problems to deal with, but it’s moving along. I’ll post any decent test renders here when they get done.

So stay tuned! 🙂



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